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Building a Bee:

I'm a vintage kinda guy but with a need for uniqueness, I was set for life with my fretless 6 & fretted 5 Benavente P basses. They can cover most any situation I need/want. Vintage style with modern features...

In talking with Fred Bolton of Bee Basses about Stew McKinnsey's new bass I really got caught up in the look and vibe of Fred's creations. I'd also been listening to a lot of what the ERB cats were doing and I was searching for a bass that I could use as not only a replacement for my guitar skillz while recording but also have a massive tone for deep groove stuff. Something strung with light stainless rounds, tuned like a 7 string guitar but an octave lower... something fun. (I'd also been thinking of converting one of my other basses to picolo, but that thought didn't really thrill me)

Anyway, I started running ideas and specs past Fred (and Larry of Gallery Hardwoods) in Jan 2006 and here is where the line was drawn.

  • 7 string Worker Bee www.beebasses.com
  • Tuned B-E-A-D-G-B-E
  • 34" scale
  • 28 fret
  • Brushed silver & chrome hardware
  • 19mm spacing at bridge
  • Neck, top & back all dyed and acrylized Birds Eye Maple in "Raspberry Cream"
  • Matching Curly Maple veneer stripe under the top
  • Fretboard acrylized Wenge
  • Block inlays of acrylized Silver Vine done by www.thorninlay.com
  • Ash body core
  • Delano MC7-FE pickup
  • 3-way "single / series / parallel" switch
  • Active 3 band "Bee Pre"


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