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I've almost always been a bassist. As far back as I can remember, I longed for the days at my Nan & Pop's house in Fairlawn, NJ when I could disappear into the cool, dark basement and pull out the MapleGlo Rickenbacker 4001 that was stored under the couch. Pop was keeping it for a friend's son that needed to get his affairs in order. I use to strap it on and play air bass for hours. Not too much later I was asked to flip music pages for Pop and a buddy at a concert they were playing. I was sat in front of a 2x15" Fender tube rig and spent the show trying to NOT have a panic attack while also trying to catch the wind the bass was thumping from my chest!

James with his Worker Bee

Somewhere around second grade I made the conscience choice to be a bassist... I wanted that power. The only problem was my grade school didn't teach strings at all. I took sax lessons from fourth grade on. Being first row second seat from sixth grade through High school, I was able to spend time on 'extra' instruments like oboe, bassoon, bass clarinet, etc.

April 1st 1980 just after my 12th birthday I was given a Harmony short scale bass with an Ampeg B15n Portaflex, the rest is history. I was mostly into 70s hard rock at that young age, but had spent a couple years enjoying the R&B and Soul on the radio (and on my 8-track) prior to falling in with what I thought was "cool".

Quickly realizing the limitations of the local teaching bassists of the area, I switched to guitar for lessons. I then took the guitar and sax theories and applied them to my mostly self taught bass techniques. Not the best way, but it got me to where I was able to lead and support a few projects over the years. After playing with a few guitar soloists, I felt the need in 1989 to extend my basses range. I ended up ordering a 5 string bass tuned E - A - D - G - B and worked hard on fitting chords into my playing.

After a good run at cover and original bands, relocating to a new area of NJ to establish myself in the middle, I hung it up for a short period of time around 1996. It had become a drag dealing with musician baggage and music in general was all stale and boring to me. I moved out of state, went back to school and focused myself elsewhere. In the short couple years away, I learned to be a true fan of music again, all music. my tastes go almost the full scope of recorded music with a strong favoritism towards the 70s R&B and Soul I loved in my youngest memories.

Today I am committed to studying music as a listener and a player. Trying to keep my ears, mind and heart open to whatever they come across. I'm playing with a couple local talents for both writing and performing... as well as continuing to write and record little musical journeys you hear on this site.

Stay tuned for fresh music from me in the near future. As always I record these tunes for myself and my girl... if they catch someone elses ear, I'm honored to have them downloaded and enjoyed.



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